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“When Breath Becomes Air” written by Paul Kalanithi is my most recent read. The books centres on Paul’s questioning of what makes a meaningful life and his unique perspective as a neurosurgeon.For Paul, this question becomes much more acute when faced with his own inoperable cancer diagnosis in his mid thirties. The story is moving, and inspiring, and a reminder that one certainty of this life is that death does come for us all, when just do not know when or how. 
Despite this, we typically make plans and goals and hopes and dreams for our lives based on the long term view, with an assumed terrain of what resources we will have available to us, the environment we’ll be in, our health and competing challenges. But we do that alongside the reality and likelihood, that this context can change at any time. If this can happen, and will in fact happen to many of us, how then do we make a path forward and what’s the value in it, knowing the steps we have taken may be rendered obsolete?
“Life is lived one day at a time”
as Paul says. Rather than living solely for the future, we need to find meaning and be present in the here and now. Secondly, we need to build our stores and resilience to embrace the curve balls life will throw at us.
If you aren’t planning on reading the book, do take a few minutes to read Paul’s article from the New York Times “priligy generic cheap“.